NZSO LogoThe Upper Franconian town of Bayreuth in northern Bavaria, Germany is the home of the annual Bayreuth Festival at which works by Richard Wagner are performed. It was here that Wagner built a theatre to his own unique specifications that would become a mecca for Wagner enthusiasts to this day. The Bayreuth Festival runs from late July to late August each year. For those interested in going to Bayreuth further information can be found below.

Festival Details
The Bayreuth Festival opens each year on 25 July and runs until the end of August with performances on most days. At the present time Bayreuth only performs Wagner's mature works from Der Fliegende Holländer onwards. The works presented each year varies - when the Ring is being performed three cycles are given, and there are performances of three of Wagner's other operas. In non Ring years five of Wagner's mature operas are performed. For further details of performances at Bayreuth and the Festival in general visit the website of the Bayreuth Festival.

The Society is generally able to get a small allocation of tickets each year through the Richard Wagner Verband and the Friends of Bayreuth and therefore members are encouraged to add their names to the list of those wishing to attend the Festival. To add your name to the list please contact the Secretary by email at

Members can also apply through the Box Office in the normal way. The programme for the following year is announced at the beginning of September and applications must be submitted by mid October. It is possible to rqeuest tickets online - click here for further information from the Bayreuth Festival website.

Additionally Bayreuth is now making a number of tickets available for immediate purchase online - click here for further information from the Bayreuth Festival website.

The demand for tickets far outweighs the availability and it can take up to seven years to successfully get tickets. After you have applied once the Box Office will automatically send you a booking form in future years. It is important to apply for tickets every year to keep your place in the queue.

If your application for tickets is successful then Bayreuth will send you information from the Bayreuth Tourist Office about booking accommodation. Alternatively you can source accommodation on the Internet.

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