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Please find below links to Wagner related sites on the Internet. Other links are available from the options on the left.

The Wagnerian An excellent blog on all things Wagner, including commentary, photos and videos.


An in depth analysis of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung by Paul Heise, in which he explores the meaning of the four-part music drama, and its philosophical significance.

Wagner on YouTube YouTube has an extensive range of Wagner videos for your viewing pleasure.
The Wagner Experience A resource site on Der Ring des Nibelungen by the University of Texas.
Wagner in Performance - Ravens Reporting From the Wagner Society of NSW site you can download a comprehensive listing of Wagner performances around the world.

Richard Wagner - 1848 Revolutions

A biography on the classical musician - how he was affected by the 1848 Revolution in Germany.

Richard Wagner - Biography and Analysis

Comprehensive archive of this German composer. With detailed biography, samples of his writings and analysis of his works.

Star Wars vs Wagner

The Star Wars series and Wagner's Ring -
structural, thematic and musical connections.

Wagner Operas.com A general site devoted to the life and works of Richard Wagner.