Meeting Schedules

Below you will find details of metings in Dunedin over the course of the year. If you need further information about any of our meetings please contact the Dunedin meeting co-ordinator, details of which can be found on the Contact page.


Sunday, 4 March at 2.00pm
Black-Sale House Lecture Room
University of Otago

The Ring and The Rings, Wagner, Tolkien and Peter Jackson
Heath Lees explores the links that connect Richard Wagner, the original Lord of The Ring, with J.R.R.Tolkien’s book, Peter Jackson’s film, and Howard Shore’s music. Heath reveals how Shore followed the Master’s musical legacy, by including bits of Wagner in his soundtracks, and by making free with Wagner’s so-called leitmotifs.

Sunday, 22 April at 2.00pm
Black-Sale House Lecture Room
University of Otago

Deep In The Forest: Wagner’s Siegfried
Terence Dennis discusses Wagner’s
musical and dramatic response to the doomed hero of the Nibelungen Saga. The presentation includes excerpts from noted productions on film, along with scenes from Die Nibelungen, Fritz Lang’s 1924 silent film.
Sunday, 24 June at 10.30am
Te Rangi Hiroa College Viewing
192 Castle Street
DVD Screening - Parsifal
Terence Dennis introduces
Wolfgang Wagner’s beautiful staging of Wagner’s final masterwork in a 1990s Bayreuth production.
Sunday, 9 September at 2.00pm
Black-Sale House Lecture Room
University of Otago
Der Rosenkavalier: a match-maker between Mozart and Wagner
Heath Lees will present a full ‘tour’ of Der Rosenkavalier demonstrating how effortlessly Strauss combined the elegance of the Mozartian world with the richness of Wagnerian composition.
Sunday, 25 November at 12.00pm
Carrington College
57 Heriot Row
(Turn Right off Pitt Street)
Christmas Luncheon and Wagner Goodies
Christmas Luncheon plus concert with early Wagner music for Goethe’s Faust, and piano works performed by Terence Dennis with Scott Bezett (baritone).