Meeting Schedules

Below you will find details of metings in Dunedin over the course of the year. If you need further information about any of our meetings please contact the Dunedin meeting co-ordinator, details of which can be found on the Contact page.


Sunday, 26 March at 2.00pm
University of Otago School of Performing Arts
145 Union St East

Continuing his long-established series of Historical Perspectives, Terence Dennis presents the first attempt to record an abridged Ring Cycle, the ambitious 1927–32 HMV Ring, with great Wagner singers such as Frida Leider, Friedrich Schorr, Lauritz Melchior, Walter Widdop and Florence Austral, in astonishing sound for its period

Sunday, 7 May at 2.00pm
Marama Hall
University of Otago
Recital by Abhinath Berry and Terence Dennis
Abhinath Berry and Terence Dennis return to present another blockbuster Wagner/Liszt Piano Recital, featuring Wagner rarities and some of the greatest virtuoso piano transcriptions
Sunday, 2 July at 11.00am
Te Rangi Hiroa College
Viewing Room
DVD screening: Die Walküre
Our winter viewing continues the seminal Bayreuth Centenary Ring in Patrice Chéreau’s production of Die Walküre, filmed in 1980. The cast features Peter Hofmann (Siegmund), Janine Altmeyer (Sieglinde), Dame Gwyneth Jones (Brünnhilde), Sir Donald McIntyre (Wotan) and Ruth Hesse (Fricka). Luncheon/afternoon tea to follow Acts 1 and 2.

Sunday, 17 September at 2.00pm
University of Otago School of Performing Arts
145 Union St East

What are we to make of the Ring?
Emeritus professor John Drummond explores Wagner’s most monumental work in the context of the artform to which it belongs: music-drama. Given the ever-new contexts afforded the complex and at times contradictory tetralogy, John asks, ‘Is the Ring Cycle flawed, or impenetrable, or what? What sort of response should we have to it? Does analysis help? Should we just lie back and enjoy it?’
Sunday, 26 November at 12.00pm
Carrington College
57 Heriot Row

Wagner Christmas Luncheon and Conversazione/Concert
To end our year, Scott Bezett and Terence Dennis discuss the origins of Greek Classical Drama and how these inspired the origin of opera and, by extension, Wagner’s music-drama. Many will remember Scott’s vocal MMus Recitals, with Terence, and he is completing his Masters in Classics. He also performed memorably at one of our past Christmas Luncheons. Scott will also sing the first great scena for the male singer in operatic history: the Lament of Orpheus from Monteverdi’s Orfeo (1607).