Meeting Schedules

Below you will find details of metings in Wellington over the course of the year. If you need further information about any of our meetings please contact the Wellington meeting co-ordinator, details of which can be found on the Contact page.


Sunday, 29 April at 4.00pm
St Andrews Church
Der Rosenkavalier: a match-maker between Mozart and Wagner
Heath Lees will present a full evening 'tour' of Der Rosenkavalier demonstrating how effortlessly Strauss combined the elegance of the Mozartian world with the richness of Wagnerian composition.
Sunday, 17 June at 4.00pm
St Andrews Hall
Terence Dennis: Weber and Wagner, Dresden Kapellmeister
Wagner called Carl Maria von Weber his ‘spiritual father’. Terence will introduce music Wagner wrote for the Dresden interment of Weber’s remains, plus excerpts from his masterpieces Der
Freischütz, Euryanthe and Oberon — all within the context of Wagner’s early works.
Sunday, 8 July at time TBA
Boutique Cinema, 2nd Floor, Te
Auhaha-New Zealand Institute of Applied Creativity, Dixon St (corner of Dixon & Cuba St). Enter from Dixon St.
Joint meeting with the Opera Society
A screening of Götterdämmerung.
Sunday, 19 August at 4.00pm
St Andrews Hall
Die Meistersinger – Models,
Motivations and Misconceptions

Peter Bassett looks ahead to the
Melbourne Die Meistersinger that will be staged later this year. What was Wagner’s motivation, and what were the models on which he drew when
Sunday, 28 October at 4.00pm
St Andrews Hall
The Most Notorious Chord in the World– the so-called Tristan chord
John Drummond explains what the
chord is all about, how Wagner came up with it, and why it is so appropriate to the story of the opera.
Sunday, 25 November
Time and venue TBA
End of year party