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November 2003

November 2003 Newsletter:
- Wellington Welcomes Wotan
- Watching the World of Wagner - Recent Events
- New Book Honours Wolfgang Wagner - Review
- In-Between days of Adelaide's Ring Filling Up
- End of Year Programmes for all Centres
- Notices

August 2003

August 2003 Newsletter:
- Sir Donald McIntyre To Visit Auckland in September
- New Zealand Honours Sir Donald McIntyre
- Backwards Glances and Forward Glimpses
- Bayreuth - Never Far From the Headlines
- Adelaide's Ring Preparations Move into Top Gear
- Notices

July 2003

July 2003 Newsletter:
- Demand for Wagner Programmes Undiminished
- AGM Time Again - 2003 AGM Report
- Book Reviews:
- The Good Wagner Opera Guide
- Wagner without Fear
- Is Opera for Ears Only?

May 2003

May 2003 Newsletter:
- Wagner lights up the NZ Concert Scene in May - NZSO
- Programmes for 2003
- Raised Eyes At Bayreuth's Plans Are GettingTo Be A Habit
- More News from Bayreuth
- Opera Australia's "Die Meistersinger"
- Beyreuth's First "Tristan und Isolde" Word from Our Patron.....
- Why So Many Wirulent-Wagner-Watchers?
- Three Sure Things In Life: Death, Taxse and AGMs!

March 2003

March 2003 Newsletter:
- A New Zealand Flosshilde for Adelaide
- Programmes for 2003
- Aggro-culture and the Generation-Gap in Die Meistersinger
- Wagner the Perfect Pitch for This Tenor
- And Now a Word from Our Patron.....
- 2003 Subscriptions Due

February 2003

February 2003 Newsletter:
- Huge Helpings of Wagner in NZSO Concert
- Programmes for 2003
- Oz Overkill or New World Re-Possession?
- The Distant Sound of a Second Ring
- Music is No-one's Instrument
- The may not be life after Bayreuth but there's life alongside Bayreuth

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