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December 2004

December 2004 Newsletter:  
- Ring Review  - Chris Brodrick reports.
- A complete issue devoted to the recent production of The Ring in Adelaide

October  2004

October 2004 Newsletter:  
- A Kiwi's Eye View of Bayreuth's 2004 season
- Knowing the Ropes Before Entering the Ring (Part 2 from Chris Brodrick)
- Outside the Ring - Other Events in Adelaide
- 2004 End of Year Events & Notices

August  2004

August 2004 Newsletter:  
- Catching Adelaide's Ring-Fever again
- The Dutchman has set sail from Sydney
- ...And Wotan has come out of retirement in England
- Preparing The self for a "Ring" Cycle Part 1(Chris Brodrick)
- Parsiflack and Persiflage
- 2004 Events & Notices

July 2004

July 2004 Newsletter: Chris Brodrick - Guest Editor
- Lars von Trier withdraws from 2006 Ring
- More on the Ring -Leading up to Adelaide
- Birthday News WSoNZ has its 10th Birthday and Richard turns 191
- A Decade of Wagner in NZ
- President's Report from AGM
- 2004 Events & Notices

March 2004

March 2004 Newsletter:
- Wagner Steals the Show in Auckland (NZSO)
- Reviews of recent meetings
- Not the First Wagner Society in NZ??
- April Events
- Notices

February 2004

February 2004 Newsletter:
- WSNZ Moves Into its Tenth Year
- Round and Round The Ring - Recent Events
- The Wagner-New Zealand Foundation
- Verdi's Lohengrin ???
- Book Review - "The Ideas of Richard Wagner"
- Wagner Watch
- Notices

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