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October 2022 (Vol 15 No. 7)  
- Certainties and Uncertainties, ‘Old Songs, New Songs’
- Wagner – Live at the Hollywood Bowl!
- 2022 Programmes
- Wagner Murmurs
- New Members
- The 2022 Bayreuth Festival – A Brief Roundup
- ‘Wagner’s Heroes and the Triumph of Humanity’ – by Peter Bassett

August 2022 (Vol 15 No. 6)  
- Are the Norns Still Working for Us?? – Wagner Here and There
- The Ring as a Radio Play
- 2022 Programmes
- Wagner Murmurs
- New Members
- Wagner 22 Festival – ‘If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Lohengrin’

May 2022 (Vol 15 No. 5)  
- Wagnerians Picking up the Pieces (Again), Worldwide
- Wagner Society AGM — Sunday 22 May
- Grammy for Recording with Simon O’Neill
- President’s Report 2022/23
- ‘Minna, Minna’
- 2022 Programmes
- Wagner Murmurs
- New Members
- Waltraud Meier’s La Scala Farewell, Patrice Chéreau’s ‘Jane Campion Moment’ and Meier’s Unexpected Ally
- In Memorium - Hans Neuenfels

February 2022 (Vol 15 No. 4)  
- ‘Covid fan tutte, anyone?’ – The ‘Fun’ Continues!
- Classic Tristan Re-release
- 2022 Programmes
- Wagner Murmurs
- In Memoriam: Barry Mora, 1940–2021
- New Film – The Legendary Soprano Marjorie Lawrence
- Notable Kiwi Connections in Recent Productions Abroad


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